Cabinet and Racks

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Cabinets and Racks A full solution on structured cabling systems range of Cabinet and Racks Mainly Uses For Main Telephone Room Tenant Units Floor Telephone Room Server Room Data Centre CCTV and other ELV Solution in Many deferent application on residential commercial govt and semi govt projects. TMT Global can provide wide range of cabinet and racks with deferent color as per consultant client requirement.


Solid steel construction.
Available on flush, wall mounted and floor standing.
Adjustable 19” mount.
Mechanical open / close lock.
Lock handle.
Inner mount plate with grid mount.
Top and bottom panel cable entry.
Ventilation holes on front panel.
Cabinet can be fitted with 1U patch panel.
Embedded grounding copper coated stud bolts.

Cabinet Series

all type pf sizes from 4u Cabinet 6u Cabinet 9u Cabinets 12u Cabinets 15u Cabinets 18U Cabinets 22U Cabinets 27U Cabinets 32U Cabinets 37U Cabinets 42U Cabinets and 47U Network Cabinets and racks With internal standard and Local authority Etisalat and DU.

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Manufactured By: Fahad Cables Industry FZE ( UAE)

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Fahad Cables Industries FZE is one of the most reputable manufacturers of network cables in the Middle East. Providing a happier, richer future through providing solutions for copper and optical communication for the past 20 Years.  Founded an ultra-high speed multimedia world with  full flash production facility in Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone (United Arab Emirates) to Facilitate you Throughout the Telecommunication world.