Access Control

Access Control 4doors Controllers

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TMT Global Access Control Systems.

TMT Global Access Control 4doors Controllers or a Wiegand output keypad or card reader. It is Suitable for Mounting Either Indoor or Outdoor in Harsh Environments. It is Housed in a Strong, Sturdy and Vandal Proof Zinc Alloy Electroplated Case Which is Available in Either a Bright silver or Matt silver Finish.

Conventional Function Multi Door Access Controller

  • Offline operation
  • Real time Supervision
  • Photo Display
  • Mass Storage
  • Flexible user Privilege Setup
  • remote unlocking; multi-user supervision
  • quick setting; convenient checking and query
  • revisable and printable report form
  • report can be exported to excel file
  • card + password unlocking; alarm for long time unclosing
  • alarm for invalid card swiping
  • first card unlocking
  • alarm for illegal break in
  • unlocking at definite time e-map etc.

Professional Function access door Controller.

interface locking
intimidation alarm
integrated fire control
anti-pass back and anti-tail
multi-card unlocking
emergency double locking
in door population checking
unlocking based on internal and external Validation.

Access Door Controller General Specification

ITEM Details: Access Control 4doors Controllers
Communication :TCP/IP 10M /100M Adaptive
Description : Control 4 doors
Power Supply : 12VDC 4-7A
Quantity of Readers : 4 pc
Door Controlled : 4
Operation Temperature : minus 40°C – 70°C
Qty of users : 100,000 Users
Max Qty of Controller : No limit
Product ID : TMT-3NXXXX4

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Manufactured By: Fahad Cables Industry FZE ( UAE)

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Fahad Cables Industries FZE is one of the most reputable manufacturers of network cables in the Middle East. Providing a happier, richer future through providing solutions for copper and optical communication for the past 20 Years.  Founded an ultra-high speed multimedia world with  full flash production facility in Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone (United Arab Emirates) to Facilitate you Throughout the Telecommunication world.